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Kiwiherb Lung Care Spray 50ml


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Lung Care Spray is a certified organic, antioxidant-rich tonic that works to enhance lung health. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine, Elecampane and Ginger help clear the lungs and relieve cough; combined with New Zealand-grown Blackcurrant to help protect against free radical damage, it's a handy 'go-to' for city dwellers or travellers in polluted environments.

An antioxidant-rich tonic Supports lung health, by improving their tone, vigour and function. BioGro Certified Organic formulation. Convenient spray format, making on-the-go use easy. Contains Elecampane and Ginger, to aid the clearing of airways. 

Ingredients: Elecampane root (organic) 60 mg/ml Ginger rhizome (organic) 25mg/ml Blackcurrant juice concentrate (organic) 1040mg/ml Horseradish root (organic) 50mg/ml Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives. No added gluten, yeast or dairy derivatives. Contains alcohol. Contains sugars as honey and fruit juice.

Dosage: Adults:  Up to 5 sprays into the mouth every 1-2 hours

Cautions: Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Not for infants under the age of twelve months. Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

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