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Nutra Organics Wholefood Pantry Brewer's Yeast 500g


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Nutra Organics Brewers Yeast is a pure product. No chemical refining or bleaching here, and nothing artificial added, just pure whole food goodness.

How is Brewer's Yeast made? Brewer's Yeast is made from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a one-celled fungus, grown on wheat and barley. 


Inactive Brewer's Yeast.

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size - 50 g Servings Approx - 10

Avg. Qty.

per Serve

Avg. Qty.

per 100 g









466.8 kJ

13.2 g

0.93 g

0.3 g

12.6 g

1.5 g

6 g

18.9 mg

1556 kJ

44 g

3.1 g

1 g

42 g

5 g

20 g

63 mg

Made in Estonia.

Ways to use it:

  • Brewer's Yeast can be added to food or smoothies, and can be used in beer.
  • Brewer's Yeast will not make your bread rise because it is inactive.
  • Great for making lactation cookies by adding 3 tbsp of Brewer's Yeast to your flour. 
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