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BioCeuticals Clinical

BioCeuticals Clinical is our Strictly Clinic Only range, developed for exclusive use by clinicians in private practice - with no exceptions. With complex formulas, higher doses and new ingredients for specialised cases, BioCeuticals Clinical products require the higher knowledge and advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. BioCeuticals Clinical infuses quality, credibility, innovation, science and professionalism into an exclusive product range that meets the needs and demands of private clinicians.

BioCeuticals Clinical products are strictly available by prescription only. If you have a valid prescription from your GP or healthcare provider, please upload at our Prescription Suite for assessment.

If you do not have a prescription, you are welcome to Register as a Patient to request assessment and access, or you may wish to seek assistance via our 20 Minute Luxe Tribe Advice Consult. Alternatively, you can head to our Consultation Studio to arrange a consultation with us at Phytothérapie Natural Wellness Medicine.

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