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Natural Beauty

Mother Nature has so much to offer us to enhance the existing beauty within each and every one of us. Luxe Tribe Wellness Dispensary presents the most beautiful, simple yet sophisticated natural beauty products; all of which have been selected due to their pure ingredients and cruelty free status. From make-up, lip balms, nail polish and hair colour to sugar wax, beauty tools and collagen supplements, we have everything you need to look and feel your best. Did we mention cruelty free? Strictly NO Animal Testing Here!

Brands in this category may include: Amazonia, Antipodes, Edible Earth, Flora Remedia, Fresca, Herbs of Gold, Hurraw!, Nutra Organics, Oil Garden, Organyc, P’URE PapayaCare, Scout Organic Active Beauty, Tints of Nature and WotNot.

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    Fresca Verihair Hair Beauty Product 5ml

    Original Price $179.00
    Current Price $161.10

    Verihair hair and scalp care tonic drops. Restorative hair and scalp therapy. 5ml - approx. 3 months supply. This is the newest, natural hair boost...

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    Original Price $179.00
    Current Price $161.10
    Save 10%
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