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Stress & Anxiety

We all know that stress and anxiety can cause some very real physical and psychological impacts on our health. Research also shows that early exposure to stressful, adverse events can make us even more vulnerable to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression later in life. Taking steps to actively reduce stress can not only help reduce harmful long-term effects on the body, but is also key to finding happiness, satisfaction and joy in life. Queue Mother Nature, with her gentle, effective and safe herbal, nutritional and homeopathic remedies naturally designed to nurture our bodies and souls, helping to bring us back into balance.  

There are many beautiful adaptogenic, restorative herbs that complement other natural therapies such as counselling and yoga, creating a safe and effective holistic system of Natural Medicine. When considering natural supplements for stress and anxiety, getting the right advice from a qualified natural health practitioner is vital. We encourage you to reach out for support and guidance – we would love to help you on your way. A consultation may be necessary to best establish which supplements or remedies are the safest and most suited to your unique needs, especially if you are taking medications or are under medical care.  Our special interest is in trauma and stress, offering a safe, caring environment for those from all walks of life. 

Our Health Article - Yoga for Stress, Mood & Trauma - may be of some interest to you if you are currently challenged with stress or anxiety. We go through the different systems these conditions involve, and you can learn how to replenish and nurture your adrenals and nervous system through the regular practice of yoga.

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