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Energy Support

Need a little natural pick-me-up? Or maybe you are really quite depleted of energy, feeling tired or fatigued most of your day? Your energy levels involve a number of systems in your body, and mental health, lifestyle and diet may also need to be addressed. If you are after something to help with a chronic lack of energy, we encourage you to reach out and arrange a consultation. Otherwise, we at Luxe Tribe Wellness Dispensary are proud to present the following ranges that may assist in giving you a bit of boost to get through your busy day!

Prescription Only Practitioner brands in the category may include: BioCeuticals, Bioclinic Naturals, BioMedica, Bio-Practica, Designs for Health, Eagle, Orthoplex, Medlab, Mediherb, Metagenics, Optimal Rx and Oriental Botanicals.

Non-Prescription Retail brands in this category may include: Amazonia, Blackmores, Blooms, Flordis, Herbs of Gold, Ki, Martin & Pleasance, Nature's Sunshine and Nutra Organics.

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