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Liver & Detoxification

Explore natural solutions that stimulate the body's ability to eliminate toxins at Luxe Tribe Wellness Dispensary. Our lifestyles, diet/alcohol/drugs and even our environment can all affect what our body absorbs and how effectively it can eliminate it. Toxic overload can lead to a myriad of health conditions, affect our mood and impact cognitive performance.

 Our liver is in charge of this function, however other organs such as the kidneys and the skin also play important roles in dumping out toxins and chemicals from our bodies, and nurturing these organs may help improve their function. Effective detox and liver support herbs include St Mary's Thistle, Fringe Tree, Globe Artichoke and Dandelion, while super greens such as Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Chlorella and Spirulina can be added into the diet or supplemented.

Remember to detox nice and slowly - you don't want to go about drawing out too many toxins all in one go. Herbs that cleanse the liver and other detoxification organs may affect how your medications work. If you are at all unsure or if you are on medications, pregnant or breastfeeding, always reach out for qualified advice. 

Prescription Only Practitioner brands in the category may include: BioCeuticals, Bioclinic Naturals, BioMedica, Bio-Practica, Designs for Health, Eagle, Orthoplex, Medlab, Mediherb, Metagenics, Optimal Rx and Oriental Botanicals.

Non-Prescription Retail brands in this category may include: Aloe Vera of Australia, Amazonia, Blackmores, Blooms, Edible Earth, Flordis, Herbanica, Herbs of Gold, Nature’s Sunshine, PPC Herbs, Martin & Pleasance, Reckeweg, Synergy Natural and Ultra Therapeutics.

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