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Consultation Studio - Samādhi Wellness

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Welcome to Samādhi Wellness

Just by navigating to our Consultation Studio page you have taken your first step on a positive journey, congratulations! Perhaps you are having a sneak peak to dip your toe, or you are now ready to commit to your health and wellness - either way, what an exciting time for you!

I am delighted to welcome you into the world of natural medicine. With the wisdom and passion that comes with over 12 years of practice and active industry involvement, I offer a variety of natural medicines and therapies aimed at harnessing your body’s own healing power. For more about some of the traditional therapies I use, you can read more here.

Enjoying an integrated and balanced knowledge of health, my contemporary approach leverages the beauty of natural medicine is its innate flexibility - when utilised correctly, natural therapies can help restore health and improve quality of life alongside necessary medical intervention. I am proud to provide a safe and warm environment where families and individuals from all walks of life are empowered to take control of their lives. 

My Special Focus - Mental Health

Due to both professional and personal life experiences, I typically work with mental health; trauma, depression, mood, stress, anxiety, learning difficulties, Autism spectrums and ADD/ADHD. My heart lies in this work, and watching people flourish over the years, with all the hard work and effort they put in is beyond amazing. 

This being said, I am also honoured to assist anyone with any condition, from gut health, immune support and joint mobility through to liver support and detoxification, weight loss and hormone balancing.

I invite you to browse our selection of therapy options at our separate website by navigating to Samādhi Wellness ( or by clicking on the button below. 

See you soon!

Anna xx

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