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Sexual Health & Libido

Sometimes a tricky (and embarrassing) situation to navigate, our sexual health a libido can play a vital role in maintaining health relationships with our partners, and ourselves. Luckily, Mother Nature has our backs, and offers a range of safe and effective solutions for conditions such as decreased libido or desire for sexual intimacy and impotence, or perhaps rebalancing hypersexuality.

At Luxe Tribe Wellness Dispensary, we are also honoured to offer gentle, holistic remedies that can help heal emotional blockages from negative sexual experiences. Flower essences and even aromatherapy oils can assist in working through fear, frustration and anger, while helping to let go and move forward with self-worth and unconditional love for the self. These delicate situations may require ongoing care by way of consultations in conjunction with your conventional treatment; but we warmly welcome you to relax in the knowledge that we are here for you with professional guidance.

Because sexual health is multifaceted, you may also wish to consider the following collection of natural medicines that may also assist: Stress & AnxietySleep & InsomniaEmotional Balance and Hormone Balance. Further, our Intimate Care range offers safe and effective natural healthcare products for sexual health, intimacy and of course a little fun!

Prescription Only Practitioner brands in the category may include: BioCeuticals, Bioclinic Naturals, BioMedica, Bio-Practica, Designs for Health, Eagle, Interclinical Labs, Orthoplex, Medlab, Mediherb, Metagenics, Optimal Rx, Oriental Botanicals, Reckeweg and Ultra Therapeutics.

Non-Prescription Retail brands in this category may include: Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Distillery Fragrance House, He, Herbs of Gold, In Essence, Nature’s Sunshine, Nutra Organics, Oil Garden, Organyc, Weleda and Yes Intimate Care.