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Herbal Medicine

Phytothérapie Natural Wellness Medicine - Herbal Medicine

The oldest system of medicine known to humankind, dating back 5,000 years and spanning all cultures of the world, herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, uses the therapeutic effects and wisdom of plants to prevent and treat the underlying cause of disease. Herbs also stimulate the body’s own natural ability to restore balance in each system. They are gentle and effective, working in harmony with the body.

Herbal medicine is increasingly being validated by scientific investigation which seeks to understand the active chemistry of the plant. Many modern pharmaceuticals have been modelled on, or derived from chemicals found in plants. Using plants as medicine provides significant advantages for treating many conditions. The therapeutic activity of a plant is due to its complex chemical nature with different parts of the plant providing certain therapeutic effects (NHAA 2020).

Herbal medicines can be prescribed as part of an integrated approach to your health, working around or supporting necessary medications. Further, they may assist with the ill effects of some medications and vaccinations. Herbal medicines uniquely formulated by phytothérapie natural wellness medicine as prescription liquid extracts/tinctures, teas/decoctions and topical applications such as compresses, salves, creams, oils, lotions, powders and bath soaks. Practitioner only products, which may come in the form of liquids, oils, capsules and tablets may also be prescribed.

Phytotherapie Natural Wellness Medicine - Herbal Medicine