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Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service

Learn a few tricks to get yourself up and running online without a big budget!

Introducing a unique service that works to assist you in launching your consultations and dispensary online. Based on my own experience with e-commerce giant Shopify, I will guide you through the basics on setting up, developing and maintaining your own online dispensary for patients and the general public. 

The idea is to encourage a new paradigm where the public understand the need to engage with qualified Natural Health practitioners for advice and support for natural health products and services; the more qualified practitioners that enable easy access to their advice and expertise - as well as a smooth and efficient platform to order health products - the more we can improve the health of our communities.

I am excited to share with you what I have learned through my experience in developing Luxe Tribe Wellness Dispensary.

What you can expect from an Initial Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service consultation:

  • What you need to consider straight up!
  • Advice on how to set your dispensary up with Shopify, including bulk product uploads
  • Setting up and maintaining professional, on-brand customer communications
  • Advice with basic set up of your online dispensary
  • How to ensure only approved patients can access Practitioner Only products
  • Advice on ensuring you are working in synergy with Practitioner Only sales policies, and why this is important
  • Considerations for pricing strategies
  • Advice on stock management
  • Tips on payments and basic website security
  • Help with initiating systems where the public can upload natural health prescriptions
  • Advice on a Google account and why this is important
  • Advice on logistics options and what you need to consider
  • Advice on considerations such as SEO, branding and marketing (including social media), eco-friendly packaging solutions and collateral

How it works:

  1. Register via our Luxe Practitioner Registration page
  2. Follow the link in your confirmation email to purchase your Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service Consultation - 1.5 hours for only $350.
  3. I will liaise with you to arrange an appropriate time to call or Zoom you, and we will cover the above mentioned topics to get you on your way!

Following your Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service Consultation, ongoing support is available via purchase of a Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service. 

  • Further advice and encouragement
  • Preparation of CSV files for bulk upload

If you would like to sign up for our Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service, kindly fill in and submit our Luxe Practitioner Registration Form. We will respond to your request within 1-2 working days with further instructions; if you have not received a response within this time frame, please check your spam/junk inbox.

Kindly note that by using our Luxe Practitioner Website Development Support Service, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Trade, our Privacy Policy and our re-booking and cancellation policy.

We look forward to working with you to support your practice.