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Cell-Logic EnduraDERM Cosmeceutical 30x Sachets


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EnduraDERM is an all natural cosmeceutical formulation designed to benefit your complexion from the inside, by feeding and nourishing the cells of your skin.

With its powerful formulation of scientifically-researched natural ingredients, the unique EnduraDERM Formulation ‘talks to your DNA’ allowing cell-protective genes to be activated.  Each of the three key ingredients in EnduraDERM is supported by clinical trials that validate their roles in various aspects of skin cell function.

These functions include gene activation to normalise:

  • The expression of the genes that code for powerful protective antioxidant enzyme
  • The skin’s immune barrier
  • The ability of the skin to retain moisture
  • The synthesis of pro-collagen and elastin

Cell-Logic’s research innovators are acknowledged leaders in the field of Nutrigenomics, the science that governs the ability of food molecules to beneficially activate the expression of health-promoting genes.  With a unique base of natural plant ingredients, EnduraDERM has been developed using three powerful nutrigenomic compounds, Immunobiotic HKL-137, Glisodin and Collagen Peptides, each shown in clinical trials to directly benefit skin, nails and hair by activating the expression of genes associated with:

1. Optimising immune defences
2. The ability of the skin to retain moisture
3. Upregulating the primary Antioxidant Enzymes, SOD, GPx and Catalase
4. Reducing skin wrinkling by increasing synthesis of pro-collagen and elastin
5. Increasing nail growth and reducing brittleness

EnduraDERM – All Natural Cosmeceutical Formulation

A cosmeceutical is an oral formulation containing natural bioactive food ingredients that nourish and enhance the complexion – from the INSIDE out! Each of the 3 key cosmeceutical ingredients has been proven in human clinical trials to benefit the complexion, hair and nails by activating skin-protective genes.

How to use EnduraDERM daily:

Simply mix one 10-gram sachet of EnduraDERM in ½ glass of filtered water, juice or other cooled or room temperature beverage of your choice. (Do not add to hot beverages which will destroy the natural enzymes essential to the product).


EnduraDERM is a unique evidence-based nutrigenomic formulation with 3 Key Bioactives supported by 3 natural plant ingredients –


HKL-137 is derived from a new class of beneficial probiotic organism discovered by Japanese researchers to act as a potent immunobiotic.
More recently, another of its remarkable properties was discovered – its ability to retain moisture in the skin via a cellular molecule called hyaluronic acid (HA).
Ageing, stress, poor lifestyle habits and exposure to the elements can reduce the skin’s ability to synthesise HA, thereby allowing rapid skin dehydration and accelerated ageing.
HA is largely responsible for maintaining the moisture content of the keratinocyte and fibroblast skin cells, a function that helps the skin cells to retain moisture and plumpness.
Other HKL-137 studies reveal its significant benefit to the immune system overall.


Patented GliSODin® has been shown clinically as a potent inducer of these 3 major enzymes, protecting skin cells from sun damage and the signs of ageing.  GlisODin® has also been proven clinically to target dark spots as well as uneven skin tone, helping to brighten the complexion and unify its skin tone.


Collagen is a unique protein that provides the main building block of human skin and other tissues. Collagen plays a huge part in giving young complexions their much-admired plumpness and youthful bloom.  As we age, our ability to produce collagen declines but brilliant German scientists have developed specific collagen peptides that have been proven to slow the process. These peptides do this by sending ‘wake up’ signals to certain genes in our skin cells.
EnduraDERM includes these very same collagen peptides (Verisol®) that have been proven in clinical trials to reduce wrinkling and dehydration, at the same time enhancing nail growth and reducing brittleness.

EnduraDERM’S clinically proven cosmeceutical formulation is strengthened with the addition of three natural food-derived ingredients beneficial to general health and especially the health of skin, hair and nails.

  • Camu Camu – is an Amazonian berry, naturally rich in Vitamin C and other beneficial plant molecules
  • Bamboo Fibre – helps to nourish the ‘friendly’ Bifidobacteria that are beneficial for optimal digestive function
  • Carrot Juice Concentrate –  is naturally rich in beta-carotene and other protective nutrients

EnduraDERM contains no added sweeteners of any kind, enabling you to sweeten if required.  EnduraDERM is free from dairy, egg, soy, nuts, legumes, corn, yeast, added sugar or other sweeteners and has no artificial additives.