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Empirical Health Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Honey Pearls 100g


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100% Organic Lion's Mane Mushrooms hand rolled with honey; optimising digestive absorption and releasing slowly for peak potency.

When our organic mushrooms are mixed with honey they have the maximum amount of time for the body to absorb them. This honey pearl method slowly releases the mushrooms in to the small intestine for maximum efficacy, and potency.

  • Memory
  • Mental Clarity
  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Nervous System
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Balanced Mood

    Supports brain plasticity and brain health, promotes neuro plasticity, supports neural genesis

    Lion’s Mane mushroom has one of the most unique appearances in the Fungi Kingdom, with beautiful cascading white icicles. Lion's Mane mushroom powder has been used in China for many centuries and is ingrained into their traditional medicine due to the wide variety of health benefits it is thought to provide [1-2].

    Lion's Mane mushroom shows to contain an abundance of bioactive compounds, which may be it's secret to great power in the fungi kingdom. Many health benefits are thought to come from the consumption of Lion's Mane, such as increased cognitive function, reduced inflammation and antioxidant activity [1-6].

    The mushroom is also said to improve sleep quality and mood (listen here to biohacker Dave Asprey talk mushrooms).

    Our Lion’s Mane mushroom powder contains Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, for you to readily access all the mushroom goodness.


      Honey Pearls:

      Whole, raw, organic mushrooms lovingly hand rolled with organic honey creating a slow release, power-charged, bite sized boost. Based on traditional preparation methods used by herbalists for thousands of years, honey pearls significantly increase the bioavailability of herbs. The honey pearls slowly release the mushrooms into the blood stream, making the active constituents more potent than other preparation methods, like extracts and tinctures.

      Serving Suggestions:

      Adults: Chew, then swallow 3 honey pearls with warm water 3 times daily, or as otherwise directed by your health care professional.


      Organic Hericiumerinaceus (Lion’s Mane), Organic Honey


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