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Hemponics Terpene Trio Pack - Sleep Eazzy, Rise & Shine and Chill Out

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Our New Trio Pack Features CHILL OUT + RISE & SHINE + SLEEP EAZZZY.

These three products each include a select choice of terpenes, blended with hemp seed oil to help you during the day and at night.

RISE & SHINE – Focus and Energise
Power up and get on with life. An uplifting blend of terpenes to help relieve stress and pain and boost your mood and focus.

  • Limonene. For energy.
  • Pinene. For memory and mental acuity.
  • Humulene. For your mind and concentration.

SLEEP EAZZZY – Rest and Restore
Unwind, rest up and recharge. An oh-so-dreamy blend to help calm your mind, relieve pain and improve sleep.

  • Myrcene. For relaxation.
  • Linalool. For better, more restorative sleep.
  • Limonene. For reducing stress and anxiety.

CHILL OUT – Calm and Composed
Anxiety and Stress Relief. Chill Out is a comforting blend to help reduce anxiety, calm your mind, soothe your body and relax.

  • Limonene. For energy and mood.
  • Myrcene. For relaxation.
  • Linalool. For soothing the mind.
  • Beta Carophyllene. For mental stability and resilience.

If you’re struggling to focus and stay energised during the day, need help reducing anxiety and stress, and after a better quality of sleep at night, then our CHILL OUT + RISE & SHINE + SLEEP EAZZZY Trio Pack is exactly what you need to help bring out the best in you on a day-to-day basis.