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PC Laboratories STEP 1 - ProBURN Advanced 60Caps


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STEP 1 - ProBurn Advanced is a high-quality supplement to aid in metabolism, thermogenesis, blood sugar balance and healthy thyroid function. It is designed to help you achieve your goals by supporting thermogenesis, metabolism, energy levels, and brain function. 

  • Metabolism support 
  • Maintain Thermogenesis
  • Support healthy thyroid function & blood sugar
  • Detoxification
  • Artificial flavour & sweetener free

STEP 1 - ProBurn Advanced is a high-quality supplement to aid thermogenesis & metabolism and assist the body in processing carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It contains effective ingredients at clinical dosages to kick-start your well-being and support energy levels. STEP 1 is a premium supplement that works harder for your health.

This clever complex contains ingredients like Green Tea, Caffeine and B vitamins that work to maintain heat production, through the thermogenesis process. This is vital to maintain body heat and does wonders to support energy production. Bitter Orange and Cayenne Pepper extracts provide healthful compounds and antioxidants. 

Tired of the energy peaks and troughs? ProBurn contains premium nutrients to maintain balanced blood sugar, like Chromium, Green Tea and Pyridoxine. This is so important to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system while reducing homocysteine levels in healthy people.

STEP 1 - ProBurn is designed to:

  • Increase energy
  • Aid the metabolism
  • Support thermogenesis
  • Healthy thyroid function 
  • Zero crash afterwards

This is a truly holistic health complex, not only making you feel physically fantastic, but mentally as well. STEP 1 is carefully designed to give your nervous system a lift, enhancing mental alertness and wakefulness. Ingredients like EnXtra (Alpinia galanga) and B Vitamins are key to mental concentration, focus and clarity of mind. 

The thyroid is a master gland for the maintenance of our body's metabolism, hormones and metabolic rate. STEP 1 supports thyroid health with the inclusion of Iodine and Zinc. Quality forms of Pyridoxine and Riboflavin support a balanced immune system, keeping you healthy and strong. 

It is recommended to drink a minimum of 3L of water spread evenly throughout the day while using STEP 1 - ProBurn Advanced. For best results stack with PC Laboratories STEP 2 - ProALCAR+ and Step 3 - ProCLA

STEP 1 ProBURN is:

  • Free from Artificial flavours & colours 
  • Zero artificial sweeteners

STEP 1 - ProBurn is a premium complex of clean ingredients, carefully cultivated to support our metabolism and thermogenic processes. Bring a sense of total body wellness and support your mental and physical performance daily.