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Scout Cosmetics Organic Active Beauty Skin Therapy Glow System Black


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Skin Therapy Glow System is a multi-function smart device utilising patented Sonic + Thermal Technology to cleanse, tone and refine the skin, leaving it luminous and feeling youthful and naturally beautiful.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Features & Benefits:
  • Thermal Facial Massage with Rose Quartz – warms your skin and makes it more receptive to the absorption of your skincare products, promoting their overall effectiveness.
  • Rose Quartz was chosen for its elements of Oxygen, Magnesium, and Iron to aid with reducing inflammation and calming the stressed-out urban skin.
  • Sonic Function – Choose your desired vibration from 5-speed intensities. 7,000 vibrations per minute to help firm, tone, and lift the skin. The vibrations help to relax and rejuvenate your facial muscles activating blood flow to the face promoting collagen production.
  • Mini raised head with smaller, finer bristles enables gentle cleansing for delicate and hard to reach areas, so your entire face radiates health and vitality.
  • Ultra-hygienic medical-grade silicone which is antibacterial, odour resistant, hypoallergenic and waterproof perfect for home and travel use.
  • The raised mini head is one of special features. It contains fine bristles for use on delicate and hard to reach areas.
  • The unique ergonomic design perfectly fits the contours of the face, ensuring a deep cleansing and relaxing massage.
  • The sonic rose quartz stone with warmth(Heating) technology. Glide the device around the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, jawline, forehead and neck to help infuse skin care serums, oils and creams. Will help to temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The waterproof USB charging socket. This device contains an internal lithium battery, which allows for fast USB charging.
  • The base of the device has suction feature which will help the Skin Therapy Glow System stand steady on a flat surface.

How to use:

Please read all the information and precautions below  BEFORE you start using your Skin Therapy Glow System.



Step 1

  • Wet Face and apply your cleansing product. 

Step 2

  • Turn on the device by holding the on/off button for a few seconds. 
  • Then select your vibration mode by pressing the M button (5 settings) Starting from your chin cleanse along the jaw line towards your ears in a gentle upward motion. 
  • Repeat step moving upwards towards the cheek until entire side has been cleansed.  

Step 3

  • Starting from the middle of your forehead cleanse with gentle upward and outward strokes. 

Step 4

  • Utilising the mini brush head cleanse the nose in a gentle up and down motion. 

Step 5 

  • We suggest the intensity of the vibration might be decreased to delicately cleanse the under-eye area working outwards. 
  • Keep device away from your eyes.
  • Rinse the device in warm water and dry with a lint free cloth.


Massaging with the Rose Quartz stone and thermal setting

 Step 1

  • Activate the thermal setting by pressing the on/off button twice and a red light is showing.
  • Next, select the sonic vibration speed.
  •  After applying your serums, oils or moisturiser position the Rose Quartz stone on the skin.

Step 2

  • Starting at the chin using an upward motion working towards the cheeks.
  • Repeat, until entire side of face has been massaged.

Step 3

  • Massage between the brows and the forehead using an upward and out motion.

Step 4

  • Position the stone on the outer corners of the eyebrow and lightly massage outwards. 
  • Then lightly massage the outer area under the eye (where fine lines might be evident). 
  • Keep device away from your eyes.

Please note:

  • Take off watch, glasses, false eyelashes and contact lenses before using.
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Do not use on the same area for more than 1 minute.

Important Information-BEFORE USE:

  • Do not use silica-soluble or granular cleansers, clay-based products scrubs or exfoliators, as these will damage the device’s silicone material.
  • Gentle use under the eye area is essential. Keep away from direct contact with your eyes, and eyelids. Exercise care when using around delicate areas such as the eyes, temples and neck.
  • After using the brush on your face, rinse the device with warm water, and completely dry the device with a lint-free cloth/towel
  • If you have any skin conditions or medical concerns, please consult your doctor and/or dermatologist before using this device. If you have sensitive skin concerns, please patch test before use.
  • For hygiene purposes, do not share this device with anyone else.
  • If you feel any discomfort on your skin, please consult a doctor immediately.


  • Not suitable for children 15 years old and under.
  • Keep away from children, infants, babies, and those with reduced mental and physical abilities.
  • Ensure machine is completely dry before charging. Do not use while charging.
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product.
  • This device contains an internal lithium battery. DO NOT expose, use or store in high temperature areas, such as saunas, direct sunlight, boiling water, in the car and other areas of high temperatures.
  • Do not use this device if the USB charger cable is damaged. Only use the USB charger cable that is provided with this product.
  • Use this device only as intended and described in this user manual.- Do not use it if silicone damaged.
  • Do not share the same device.
  • Do not disassemble the device by yourself.